Five Heat Free Curl Methods to Try

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Who doesn’t like a head full of curls? Some of us may grab a curling iron when we want a flawless curly hairstyle. But, if you over use the thermal styling tool, it can lead to damaged ends. No girl wants her hair to suffer for the sake of one style.

We have a few ways you can get a curly hairdo without creating problems for your tresses:

Flexi Rods

Create pretty spiral curls with flexi-rods. Your hair can be wet or dry for this curling method. You wrap your hair around the outside of the flexi rods. You want to make sure your ends are all the way around the rod to get perfect curls.


Curlformers come in several lengths and widths giving you a better range for curls. You can get a head full of ringlet curls by prepping damp hair with a setting lotion. Be sure to cover your hair at night. The styling tools are easy to take out.

Rag and Pin Curls

If you want to try an old fashioned curling method, then you have to experiment with pin curls and rag curls. For pin curls, you take small or medium sections of hair, wrap them in a circular pattern, press to your head, and pin in place. For rag curls, place a rag about twelve inches long at the end of a sectioned piece of hair, roll it up, and tie the ends of the rag in place.


The best rollers for black hair are satin covered sponge or foam type rollers. You want to stay away from sponge ones because they suck out the natural oils in your hair and creates shredding. Roll up your hair after you have shampoo and condition it for the best results.

Bantu Knots

You can create bantu knots on damp or dry hair. When your hair is wet, your curls will be tighter and more defined. When your hair is dry, you will have fuller, looser curls.

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