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“Happy” Toddler Dies After Being Left in Desert Heat for Hours

A three year old toddler described by family members as a “happy” child passed away after being left in a hot car by a family friend. Hayden Nelson dιed on Sunday after he was left in a car for three…


Black Women Force NFL to Include Them In Efforts to Combat Domestic Abuse

Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III This year, the National Football League (NFL) has been plagued with issues of domestic viοlence. With so much talk about draft picks, free agents, and contracts that usually dominate the preseason, domestic viοlence was at…

DeShawn Currie was pepper sprayed after neighbors suspected he was a burgular entering his foster mom Stacy Tylers home www.naturallymoi.com

Police Pepper Spray Black Teen For Entering Home of White Foster Parents

Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III After what happened in Ferguson, Mo with Michael Brown and New York City with Eric Garner, the comfort level of African-American males with white police officers is still rocky. No matter how much is talked…

Ashley R Tull sent child to school with 250 packets of heroin www.naturallymoi.com

Mom Sends Daughter to Daycare With 250 Packets of Heroin

Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III Ashley Tull, 30, mother to three children of Selbyville, DE was arrested after her four-year daughter brought a backpack to daycare filled with 250 packets of heroin. That’s right; you read it correctly. The backpack…

black Vice

Did White Moderators Steal Popular Website From Black Teens?

The celebrity blog Oh No They Didn’t was started in 2004 by three black teens, but now the website appears to be white owned, and it wasn’t sold. So what happened? Vice reports that Erin Lang, Bri Draffen, and Breniecia…

Mahone and Jones

Police Break Window, Taser Into Car of Woman Rushing to be With Dying Mother

When an Indiana couple was stopped by police for a seat belt violation, they didn’t expect the routine stop to lead to tears and a federal lawsuit. A Hammond family says they were stopped by police for a seat belt…

Bou Bou

SWAT Cops Who Threw Grenade in Baby’s Face Cleared by Grand Jury

The Georgia officers who threw a grenade in a baby’s face, resulting in permanent disfigurement, have been cleared by a grand jury. Georgia cops executed a mishandled no-knock raid that resulted in a toddler suffering facial and brain injuries, but…

Khary Pestaina discusses how No Good Deed is very similar to the film titled A Birth of a Nation www.naturallymoi.com

Khary Pestaina: “No Good Deed” Resembles a Film Blacks Protested 100 Years Ago

A Birth of a Nation was also No Good Deed! by Khary Pestaina When the NAACP and other advocates for people of African ancestry in the United States protested D.W. Griffith’s infamous “Birth of a Nation” film in 1915, they…

Mary Spears

Detroit Woman Shοt in the Head by Man She Rejected

A 27 year old Detroit woman was fαtally shοt by a man she rejected while at a social club on Saturday. Police say Spears, along with five other people, were discovered inside the hall early Sunday. Investigators say a 38…

Circle of Sisters celebrates 10 years strong reported by Doshon Farad www.naturallymoi.com

Doshon Farad: Black Women Run The Largest Expo For Non-White Women In NYC

Circle of Sisters 10 years strong by Doshon Farad With bombarding images of shows like “Love and Hip” and “Basketball Wives” dominating the psyches of most Americans, the annual “Circle of Sisters” (COS) conference certainly counters any negative preconceived notions…

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