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13 Year Old Gunned Down Right Before Move to Less Dangerous Neighborhood

A Georgia boy was fαtally shοt before his grandmother could move him to a less dangerous neighborhood. Nizzear Rodriguez ,13, was kιlled on Sunday when 17 year old Malik Davis walked into his room and gunned him down. According to…

gay mail delivery

Couple Says Postman Isn’t Delivering Mail Because They’re Gay

James Lawson and husband Theodore Washington told local affiliate Fox 2 in Detroit that they’ve made a lot of positive changes in their neighborhood, but there’s one failure that they still can’t seem to get rectified. According to Lawson and…


Louisiana School Bans Rastafarian Teen Over Locks

A Louisiana teen has been suspended indefinitely from school for refusing to cυt his locks. South Plaquemines High School sent the boy home because his locks grew past his collar, a viοlation of school policy. When the teen returned to…


Cops terrorize a mother with 4 small children at gunpoint

Reported by Liku Zelleke A mother and her four young children were pulled over at gunpoint by police in Forney, TX. The whole incident was recorded on a patrol car’s dash cam. In the footage, Kametra Barbour is suddenly stopped…

Social worker Brandon Howard Daniel forced patient to perform s e x u a l acts on him in exchange for keeping her children www.naturallymoi.com

Social Worker Tells Mom to Have Sëx With Him Or He’ll Take Her Children

Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III Social workers have a lot of responsibility. While having a heavy caseload, they learn how to juggle many tasks and maintain professionalism throughout the emotionally draining process. With all of the stress associated with social…


No Fad Diets or Extreme Exercise: How One Woman Went from 350 to 198 Pounds During College

By: Krystle Crossman Alexa Rae Liccio had always had a hard time with her weight. She entered high school at 240 pounds. She had a very busy schedule and maintained her spot on multiple sports teams such as the tennis…


Home-Schoolers Sue Social Services For Removing Their Children Based On False Accusations

By: Krystle Crossman The Department of Social Services in Shenadoah County, Virginia is being sued by a home-school advocacy group on behalf of a local family. The family had their children taken away from them because the Department of Social…


Darren Wilson Supporter to Resident: “Learn to Speak English”

Tensions are running high in Missouri, especially now that supporters of Officer Darren Wilson–who gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown–are becoming more vocal. In a tense moment, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed supporters of Darren Wilson who expressed frustration that the…

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.30.01 PM

April V. Taylor: What The Mainstream Media Is Hiding About Ferguson Part 1

If people were not aware that the mainstream media presents a biased view of current events, the events that unfolded in Ferguson after Michael Brown’s death have revealed the bias to the masses.  Many of the images of protesters and…


Scandal Star Kerry Washington Speaks Out About Michael Brown Shοoting

Scandal’s Kerry Washington wasn’t prompted to discuss Michael Brown during the pre-show for Monday’s Emmy’s, but it was obvious that the shοoting had impacted the actress and she wanted to share her thoughts on the issue. So when asked about…

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