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April Taylor: ForHarriet.com founder is Walking over Dead Bodies in her nasty comments about Eric Garner

by April Taylor The recent death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD has sparked outrage across the country.  As video of the incident has gone viral, most people have felt compelled to speak out against police brutality…


Nojma Muhammad: Ratchet and Rebellious Black Woman. ..an Abnormal Sighting

By Nojma Muhammad When pointing out immorality, promiscuity, rebellion, narcissism, victim mentalities, self entitlement, manipulation, arrogance and various other types of destructive behavior as it pertains to Black Women I’m always met with the following in a futile attempt to distract…

Study shows why being conventionally attractive pays off. www.naturallymoi.com

Study Shows $235K Pay Gap Between Attractive And Unattractive People

Reported by April Taylor While most people would like to believe that how much they earn is completely based on their merits, in reality, that just is not true.  Despite being taught that effort and determination are the biggest contributing…


Marissa Alexander is denied a Stand Your Ground Hearing

April V. Taylor Judge James Daniel has issued an order denying Melissa Alexander’s motion for a new Stand Your Ground Hearing.  Alexander is charged with shooting a fireaarm for firing a warning shot during a domestic dispute with her abusive…


Woman secretly records sexist male catcalls: You’ll never believe what men said

By Nigel Boys Fed up with being treated like a sexx object and hearing the many crude comments from men when they saw her, Lindsey from Minneapolis decided to get revenge on those who catcall her, by secretly recording them and…

Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle are in escrow for a 4.25 million dollar home in California. www.naturallymoi.com

Are the Obama’s Purchasing a Plush $4.25M Home In California?

Reported by Nigel Boys According to unconfirmed reports, President Obama and First Lady Michelle are in the process of buying a home in the Californian Desert area of Thunderbird Heights, resting in the Rancho Mirage community. The house was originally…


Grandmother Finally Gets 30lb Tumor Removed From Abdomen

A Georgia grandmother has finally had a massive tumor removed from her abdomen that she’s been suffering with for years because she’s uninsured. Doris Lewis, 59, had gone to several hospitals in an attempt to have the 30 pound tumor…


Is Marriage Too Much of a Risk For Today’s Men?

by Anna Bella I wrote an article recently about what women really want a modern day man to be and behave like. But for the modern day man, is marriage a good investment?  I mean, marriage is hard work!  Lots of…


Founder of feminist blog ForHarriet.com says she refuses to march for man killed by NYPD

Kimberly Foster, founder of the feminist blog ForHarriet.com, says that she has no interest in marching for Eric Garner, the man killed by the NYPD last week in an incident allegedly involving the sale of illegal cigarettes.  Foster says that…


Nomalanga: Six Ways For Women To Avoid Divorce

By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses Anyone who has been married for at least five years  and still has a healthy and functional marriage, if they are being honest, will tell you that they have had at least one rough patch, probably more….