What Turns Off Men In A Relationship?

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Relationships are always a two-way traffic affair that involves cooperation and coordination of the two partners. There are some vital expectations that a man expects from a relationship that can either lead to success or a failure.

Like females, males also have emotions and expectations from their partners. Below are some of the reasons that might turn off men in a relationship:-

• Dishonesty

Your partner is your confidant and honesty is the underlying principle in a relationship. ‘Harmless’ lies that
women tell men always comes back to haunt the relationship as they grow. For instance, communication with an ex-boyfriend without the knowledge of your partner could result in serious problems of mistrust that might end your relationship.

• A woman who is not future-oriented

In most cases, the male partner is always on the look for a woman with goals and a promising future together. A woman who is only fixated on the present and lacks plans can be a source of discomfort to man.

• Selfishness
Relationships entail sacrifice and compromise. Therefore, you have to forego some traits for the sake of your partner. The current relationships have self-centered women which make it a challenge for their male partners. Men hate women who are primarily concerned with their interests, benefits, pleasure, and welfare.
• Neediness

A nagging needy woman is enough to drive anyone crazy, and it’s only worse in a relationship. The constant demand for time and attention gives the impression of a woman who has little going on in her personal life. Men will be naturally drawn to an independent woman and they always say, “I like a woman who wants me but doesn’t need me.”

• Trying too hard to Make Him Feel Jealous

It’s every woman’s primal instinct in a relationship to feel wanted and loved. For a majority of women, jealousy is just the perfect tool. Some women will go out of their way to make their man jealous by flirting with other men and linking up with exes. Such tactics can be a turnoff for many people as they only show a woman’s level of insecurity.

If you want your relationship to last longer and your man to stay focused on it, consider modifying the above traits so that you both be on the same wavelength as partners.

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