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This baby girl KNOWS she’s pretty & her mommy too!

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On May 31st, Kerry Robinson or _sweetest_poison on Instagram posted a set of two videos of a car conversation between her and her adorable daughter baby Jade to her profile. The beautiful conversation recorded by Robinson consisted of a shared “you’re pretty” compliment of which Jayde already knew:

“You Gorgeous”


“You Pretty mommy.”

“Thank you, honey! You pretty too.”

“See, I’m pretty?”

“That’s right!”

“And my hair?”

While that may be where the first video ends, that’s all the internet needed to fall even more in love with baby Jade and her great relationship with her mommy. It’s not for sure if it was the purity of Jayde’s compliment to her Mommy, Robinson, her adorable face, her sweet little voice or the knowledge that she and her hair are beautiful at such a young age, but this cuteness packed video has already reached 48,330 likes and growing on the Instagram platform followed by 2,962 comments which mostly consists of compliments to the adorable mommy-daughter duo, people tagging others to the post to see the magic first hand and Robinson responding to as many comments as she can. While the original post has exploded on Instagram, it hit Twitter and went viral. The account @gxldpevrls shared the first of the two videos from the original Instagram post. with the caption “everytime i see a video of this little girl my baby fever goes up like 3728279282 levels (two crying faces emojis) yes mama you are gorgeous (two red heart emojis) “. The tweet has approximately 15,100 retweets and 27,600 likes and ever growing. Twitter users are gushing at the sweetness of baby Jade and her love and compliment of her mommy and herself. Tweeted replies such as “*cries in fertilized eggs*”from @sincerlykaylaa , “God I just want a baby so bad” from @hopethxoxo and “future conversations with my unborn daughter(s)” from @TeAmoShante suggests that baby Jayde is making a lot of people excited to be a parent of a beautiful baby one day. Robinson and Baby Jayde have gone viral before with their ‘Salon Talk’ video which features the two having girl talk in what appears to be a living room while Baby Jade brushes Robinson’s hair. Kerry Robinson and Baby Jayde are a heartwarming pair to see when on social media. Many people have shown an outpour of love and support for Robinson’s relationship with her daughter and the charisma Baby Jayde is already showing. From the black baby dolls in her hand to her acknowledgment of her beautiful hair and being, how could you not adore Baby Jayde?

See the Instagram post here

See the Twitter post here

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  1. Ginger Porter

    Ginger Porter

    June 9, 2017 at 11:11 am

    Good to let your baby girls know.

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