The Bloody History of the Black America and the police

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The black community in America has experienced a prolonged misunderstanding with the police. Almost daily, news hit headlines of the death of people of color.

Executions caught on camera like the case of Alton Sterling and Philando Castle coupled with the release of the officers involved in their murder has continued to spark tensions and revolutions not only from the African-American community but also activist groups within America.

Among the notable people of color killed by the police include Freddie Gray. His death became a clear indication that law enforcement systems sleep on their jobs, going an extra mile of protecting the officers involved in the incident.

The history between the police and the black community traces some years back when the police became an institution of law enforcement citing voluntary groups in Chicago, New York, which later formed police departments.

However, there is a darker spin that traces police departments in the 19th century as extensions of slave patrols whose purpose and methods used were a borderline terror on escaped slaves. Mostly “discipline” was installed on such slaves, and this came in fierce forms.

Yale law professor, Stephen .L. Carter has identified an interracial link to the recent police brutality that is witnessed by the black community.

Surprisingly, Americans believe in the police system ranking it as number institution in public services.
Black Americans will, however, continue with their protest against the extra-judicial killings because it seems the

White Americans have sided with the police to allow them to continue practicing the use of excessive force against the people of color.

Often when the police kill the black Americans, they claim that they took the step as a way of self-defense. The police system in America requires reforms. The constitution states that the work of the police is to maintain law and order, including protecting all the citizens irrespective of their race.

According to the statistics from the Guardian, U.S. police killed at least 258 black people in 2016. Thirty-nine of the dead were unarmed. In most cases, such people are killed by stun guns while some die in custody. However, a majority of blacks killed by police were fatally shot.

Based on a tracker from The Washington Post, at least 232 black folks were shot and killed. The Post further found that 34 percent of the unarmed people killed in 2016 were black males. There was also a considerable uptick in deaths caught on camera via cell phone and police cameras.

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