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Southwest’s First Black Pilot Retires With A Tear-Jerking Sendoff

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We have different types of careers. One can decide to venture into the field of medicine others engineering while others can choose to join complicated areas such as aviation.

It is rare to find individuals spending more than 20 years in one career especially due to boredom and the heartbreaking challenges.

A black South West pilot’s case is unique. After 37 years of service to the Southwest Airlines, the pilot is marking a historical milestone and has created a buzz in the social media with his story all over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Being a pilot comes with a lot of challenges. It is still a surprise how Louis Freeman managed to overcome all these setbacks by sticking to his career as a pilot for 37-years.

Like all other pilots, the challenges Louis likely faced included, lack of personal time with the family due to the consistent traveling nature of the job. Additionally, being a pilot entail taking an accidental risk, planes crash due to human error or mechanical faults.

Moreover, being a pilot subject’s one to lots of training, practice. To be an expert in the field, you have to dedicate a lot of your time to reading which might also affect your social life.

However, all these challenges did not prevent Louis Freeman from achieving his dream of becoming a great pilot.
Louis has experienced a remarkable achievement during his career period. He became the airline’s first ever black pilot and later the first black chief pilot in the United States.

In a recent interview with the Press, Louis stated that he wasn’t aware that he was the only pilot of color at that particular time. Thus, Louis had a lot of pressure in his career to ensure everything ran perfectly.

Louis added that he behaved in such a way because he did not want to disappoint the airline, and also wanted to build a good reputation for allowing the airline hire more people of color. Thus, he decided to dedicate himself fully to the job.

Among his prominent role while attached to the airline is mentoring many young pilots who came to appreciate him during his last flight as a pilot.

Five friends turned up to send off their mentor. Louis was also accompanied by close friends and his family who came out to celebrate his successful career as a Southwest Airlines Black Pilot for 37 years.

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