School Withholds Diploma from Senior Because He Refused to Read Speech Written by Administrator

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It was quite surprising when N.C high school decided to withhold a certificate from a senior who was graduating simply because the student had refused to read a speech that had been prepared by a top managing administrator.

According to the student, he had spent a couple of weeks composing a speech that he was supposed to deliver on their graduation day.

However, on the day he was meant to read his speech, the Pinetops N.C principal, with no formal explanation instructed him to read a short paragraphed-speech instead, that some top-ranking school administrators had composed.

“I felt as if an opportunity to deliver my written speech had been robbed of me,” the 18-year old stated. But the diploma graduate decided to read his written speech against all repercussions.

He said that the courage to read his speech emanated from the support he had received from his mother, classmates and his teacher. He then went ahead to push aside the speech that was prepared by his school administrator.

In a video about the incident that has gone viral, Principal Craig Harris is seen turning and whispering something to some staff members in what proved to be a sign of disapproval of the speech that that diploma graduate was reading.

Wright’s speech was without any hitch leaving the audience clapping, laughing and cheering. The whole graduation ceremony seemed to have gone on smoothly not until all the graduates lined up to collect their official certificates.

Guess what? Wright’s diploma certificate was missing, and reports allege that the school principal had deliberately removed it because he had delivered the wrong speech.

“My friends were all outside with their big yellow folders celebrating their milestones and taking photos to act as their memories, and I was still inside the offices stranded because I could not get my diploma,” Wright stated. Indeed, he was embarrassed and humiliated.

Wright together with his mother, Jovita Wright, stormed the school to complain to the school principal who explained the reason why they decided to hold Wright’s diploma. “Wright had read the wrong speech. Additionally, he had missed a deadline to present his speech to the school.”

Thanks to the intervention of The Edgecombe County schools superintendent who ensured that Wright got his diploma two days later. It happened after the principal was commanded to deliver it to the boy without any delay. Superintendent, John Farrelly apologized to Wright on behalf of the school about the whole embarrassing incident.

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