Sasha Just Turned Sweet 16 Over The Weekend

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On Saturday, June 10, Sasha Obama celebrated her Sweet Sixteen at a private party with friends and family. Pictures from the party made their way online, showing not only the birthday girl but the former president and first lady celebrating the significant milestone.

The internet celebrated joined the celebrations by sending birthday messages to the former first daughter, not only congratulating her on the big day but also celebrating the fact that, despite the spotlight, Sasha has managed to live a mostly normal life.

Sasha came to White House while six years. Hardly can we believe it’s been that long, nearly ten years. Sasha has spent the better part of her life in the white house, and seemingly she is adjusting to her new environment.
When her father was elected as the US president, the family had to migrate from Chicago to Washington DC.

Just recently, the former president shared about the experience about his family while in the White House. Mr. Obama stated it wasn’t “harsh” on the girls as they had expected his victory.

While in office, Obama got to spend more time with her daughters as president compared to when he was a senator in Chicago.

Even after exiting the Oval Office, the Obamas retained a staff of 20, who help in the operations of their current office at the West End of Washington, D.C.

Both Barrack and Michelle are currently involved in writing books. Additionally, they are also laying the foundations for the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s South Side.

As far as politics is concerned, President Obama is likely to support Democrats during the midterm elections in 2018.

Eight years can seem like a lifetime if one week is long in politics. . When Malia and Sasha Obama entered the White House in 2009, they were just 10 and seven years old respectively.
Now, Malia is taking a chance to join Harvard, while Sasha is staying in Washington to complete high school.

As Michelle Obama noted last year, the girls have transformed from bubbly little girls into poised young women While critics on both sides of the political divide might take issue with Barack Obama’s time in office, most people agree the president and first lady have done an excellent job in ensuring their daughters have had as normal a life as possible while in the office.

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    Gwendolyn Holland

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