Oprah Winfrey Makes It Clear That She Will Never Run For the Presidency

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Well, it is now clear that Oprah Winfrey is not considering the Presidency of the Free World. The famous TV personality has come out guns blazing to shut down the rumors out there over her contemplating the race for the most powerful political seat in the world.

The 63-year-old denied the assertions during a recent interview with the news outlet “The Hollywood Reporter. Oprah was quoted saying “I will never run for public office,” ” that’s a pretty definite thing.”

When questioned further about the possibility of defeating Mr. Trump if he decides to contest for another term, Oprah was rather unyielding over the whole issue. “I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that,” She replied.

Surely, we will also not get to the bottom of this now that she is never facing Donald Trump on the ballot. Not only did Oprah rubbish the claims of going for the chance to occupy the Oval office, but it is also certain she will not go for any elective seat anytime soon.

Apparently, after her tremendous life achievements both as a media personality and through her foundation one would expect Oprah Winfrey could be willing to take up a bigger challenge that life brings about.

As we can all remember back in 2009, President Trump had hinted that the TV host could be a perfect choice for a running mate. Of course, it never came to pass. Instead, Oprah Winfrey threw her support behind Trump’s fellow presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in the last year’s election.

However, after Hillary Clinton’s surprising loss, hearsay began over her potential in joining the race for the world’s top political job in 2020. Increasingly, the talk became more profound after an interview she had with Bloomberg earlier in March this year.

Because of Winfrey’s widespread fame and influence, a question arose as to whether she’d think about undertaking a campaign for the presidency. Her reply left many wondering whether she has an interest in the position.

All the same, it seems the media queen has a lot to deal with under her arms. I would assume acting, and TV hosting still run deep down veins. In the recent past, many Americans have shown intense dissatisfaction with the current administration. No wonder any rumors that seem to express optimism come 2020 thrives all over.

Above all, Oprah Winfrey is not the first woman to face such speculative tendencies. After Donald Trump’s surprising win, talk of the former first Lady Michelle Obama running for the seat was widespread. Later, she came out declaring that she was not considering taking the huge sacrifice.

At the moment many questions will remain unanswered. For instance, had the speculation become a reality would Oprah trounce the sitting President? Surely we can never know the truth about that, considering it was all hearsay.

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