Meet The Woman Who Makes Amazing Sculptures With Her Hair As A Mode Of Self-Expression

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A 21-year old from Abidjan, Ivory Coast is making worthy of a hair flip. Laetitia KY recently made waves on Instagram with her hair-raising hairstyles. The avid art lover can create things like hands, bunny ears and dancing women atop of her head with her lovely locks.

In an interview with the HuffPost, Laetitia stated, “Over a year ago, I fell in love with a post on Instagram that showed hairstyles that women were wearing a long time ago from certain African tribes.”

She added that the artistic hairstyles were impressive gave her the desire to want to use hairstyling as a means of expression.

Laetitia stated that everything in the hairstyles inspired her. “Most of my ideas for over-the-top styles come to me spontaneously like a flash.”

Thus, the amount of time it takes to achieve one of her hair sculptures varies. In most cases, it can take her from 20 minutes to over an hour and a half. It all depends on the nature of the tools she uses to achieve each look. But she stated that pins, thread, fabric, wire and hair extensions are often used.

Although different things inspire each hairstyle, her intent in making sculptures out of her hair has one strong underlying theme, the art of beauty and looking smart.

“The only thing I want to express is the beauty of difference,” she said. “I live in a beautiful country with extraordinary and creative people. She observed that citizens in her country are afraid of expressing themselves for fear of being judged, which she find is a shame.

She continued that, “I want to show that affirming your uniqueness doesn’t bring negative feedback and that it’s important to allow yourself to express what’s inside you.”

Dominants girls grow up feeling secure in themselves. Laetitia is such a powerful lady who has learned to take action, making positive choices about her life, and doing positive things for others.

She thinks critically about the world around her by expressing her feelings and acknowledge the feelings and thoughts of others in caring ways. Feminism is not about empowering women to a new level. It’s all about changing the way people recognize this empowerment.

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