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Meet The Veteran Black Costume Designer Serving Looks In Black Panther

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One name that we cannot forget amidst all the “Black Panther” fanfare is Ruth Carter, the costume designer behind the movie’s looks.

The Hollywood veteran has outfitted some of the culture’s most iconic films including Malcolm X, BAPS, Five Heartbeats, and School Daze.

The multiple Awards costume designer is now taking on afro fashions in the Black Panther film set to debut next February.

Ruth Carter took to Twitter soon after the teaser trailer dropped on Friday to explain her references in creating the iconic looks. “From Kenya’s Maasai tribe to Lesotho’s Basotho people, the motherland is widely represented.” She said.

“I love being a costume designer because I love telling the stories of people,” she told ESSENCE.
The teaser trailer is one of 2018’s most anticipated movies. From the black excellence of actors on display down to the costume details, the two-minute clip left us in a frenzy to get to a movie theater ASAP.

As your countdown for February 16, 2018, begins, here is some background on the film. Where is Wakanda? The story takes place in Wakanda, the mysterious hyper-advanced African nation where Black Panther is set to rule as king.

We first met Black Panther in the first black superhero comic book history in “Captain America: Civil War.” A view of recent Marvel films will give you some glimpse of what you’ll want to know about the movie.

The film is Blackity Black with a star-studded black cast. Lupita Nyong’o will play the love interest, and future enemy Nakia; and Danai Gurira will play Okoye, head of Black Panther’s all-female security team.

What the actors do is beautiful, epic and stunning. They will tell compelling stories about human beings who are fractured and flawed in extraordinary situations.

From in front and behind the camera, Black Panther is proving to be one of the biggest black blockbuster films to date. The cast is already a complete spectrum of black excellence.

The black Twitter is excited and did not hold back their jokes expressing the pure joy of such a film.

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