How Much Will Mary J. Blige Pay Her Ex-Husband?

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Famous celebrities have been victims of divorce due to challenges they face in their marriage. As we all know, divorce is usually accompanied with consequences as far as legal marriage laws are concerned.

Victims of divorce are often obliged to follow the court verdict if at all one partner has filed a case. In most cases, such victims demands being given a fair share of their wealth.

The Hip-hop and R&B star, Marry J. Blige is one such artist faced with harsh penalties for considering divorcing her husband. The 45-year-old star joined the music industry and later on got married to her manager, Mr. Martin Isaac, in December 2003.

Mary J. Blige filled for a divorce stating personal irreconcilable differences between her and Martins, having been married for thirteen years.

Martin Isaac got the judgment in his favor. Thus, he will be able to secure a monthly spousal of $30000. The ex-husband was initially demanding $129,319 per month.

Both couples had no child together. Despite the fact that the two celebrities had no children together, the penalty that was levied to Blige was for her ex-husband to continue enjoying his lavish style of living as it was before when the two were married. Mary J. Blige will now be forced to work hard to raise the cash so that she can comply with the court ruling.

Marriage is an important stage of human life that requires loyalty and commitment. In most cases, it is always faced with challenges due to untrustworthy that can result in divorce.

In the court documents, Blige argued that her success as an entertainer has nothing to do with Isaacs. She added that she was successful when she met him and had continued to enjoy success.

Blige also claimed Isaacs had been misappropriating money for two years, spending $420,000 in travel charges for hotels and airfare that were not related to her business and did not include her.

Kendu should consider saving his money, though. This is only a temporary decree.

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