Harlem Set to Become Home to Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum

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Soon New York City is going to be the dwelling place of the new Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum. The organization in charge of bringing up the facility announced on Tuesday. The declaration came after it won the rights to acquire a building and development site in Harlem.

The structure to be brought up soon will “archive, preserve, exhibit, educate, and showcase Hip Hop music and culture from across the world.”

New York City and the locality in which the museum is to be situated is best known for giving rise to the famous musicians such as Biz Markie, Busta Rhymes, Doug E. Fresh, Wu-Tang Clan, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Das Racist, and Jay-Z among many other top personalities in the entertainment scene.

In essence, the new structure will give both the residents and visiting guests a platform on which they can appreciate and honor this genre of music and its culture. In fact, the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, a charitable outfit in its response to the project says they aim to take the art to the next level through research and documentation of all historical content and materials related to Hip Hop.

The initial cycle of the project is expected to house a gallery, a cafe, a visitor’s bureau, and a gift storage unit on the ground floor, while the second floor will have a museum, event space, offices, and a multi-media studio for TV and Film content production for student’s studies.

The phase is set for take-off in February next year at the cost of $150 million which already the nonprofit has announced funds drive to facilitate.

Later, a more showy and complex second phase will then complete the state of the art facility. It visualizes a 20-storey high building with a museum, a five a star hotel, a mall, a gift shop, TV studio, an arcade, a sports bar, a restaurant, a concert lounge, and more crucially the Hall of Fame.

These details stem from a statement by J.T Thompson an army veteran who also doubles as the museum’s founding father.

Last year, Thompson informed the New York Post that the whole project has been forthcoming and that the journey towards building the museum was a “labor of love.” “Hip Hop is about empowering yourself, moving beyond the music.

The HHHOF (Hip Hop Hall of Fame) and have a duty and responsibility to preserve this rich history of music and culture.” He said.

Projections indicate that once the project is complete it will receive close a million guests, host over one hundred live concerts among other roles each year. Also, the organization envisions a yearly socio-economic impact valued at over $350 million.

Although at the moment no specific details have been released, the idea conceived two decades ago will finally come to light after all the procrastination.

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