Food Cravings and Your Period – What You Need To Know

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It’s that time of the month when your emotions are on a rollercoaster not to mention the ever lurking unstable hunger for sugar, fatty foods or salted snacks – pretty much anything that floats your boat. During menstruation, most women binge to eat copious amounts of these foods.

Well, there are those who feel the body needs these foods and hence the impulse to go out and order a pizza or a huge tube of ice cream and possibly clear it in one seating. Such a trend is attributed to the fact that menstruation is a trigger for the body that pregnancy is a possibility.

The primal instinct, in this case, is to stock up on food, and this could explain why that giant burger you had during lunch did not keep your stomach in check and you want to eat again.

However, some medical professionals identify PMS as a particularly stressful time for women and these foods have the magical effect of making them feel a little better.

Chocolate, for instance, is right a wonder food which triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin (the happy hormones) and it makes for just the right food to indulge in during menstruation.

There is a catch though, this overindulgence in sugary or fatty foods that more than 50% of women find themselves, usually causes fast weight gain.

So what can you do about your food cravings when you’re feeling so crappy and you can hear that chocolate bar calling you?

Well, first of all these cravings are normal, studies have shown that the female body feels an increased need for elements like magnesium which is conveniently present in chocolate.

Denying yourself what you want the most at a time of the month when the smallest things can drive you crazy is certainly not a good idea. Therefore, why don’t you try other healthier alternatives like dark chocolate which is not as sugary as other types of chocolate? It will mean you will not consume as much.

It’s also important to note that cravings are short-term and are an avenue for snacking and should not be treated as nutrition. Therefore, candy does NOT qualify as dinner.

Eat adequate or even better extra amounts of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, and vitamins to counter the effects of PMS on the body. Coupled with the adverse effects of consuming too much sugar you’re better off eating foods rich in these foods.

So cravings are perfectly healthy, it just comes down to how you deal with your condition.

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