Delta Passenger Bitten by Veteran’s Emotional-Support Dog

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People keep a variety of pets for various reasons. Some keep them for companionship whereas others keep them just for leisure. Pets are always perceived to be friendly, calm and playful hence the need to show them love and care.

Individuals usually choose their pets based on some desirable characteristics. Some of the commonly kept pets for companionship are the cats, dogs, parrots, and guinea pig.

However, it is always good to take the precautionary measures when handling pets because they might harm you or people around you with their aggressive behavior when provoked, making them act violently.

Just recently, a violent dog attacked a passenger aboard a San Diego-bound flight from Hartfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta heading to Chicago.

Mr. Marlin Termaine Jackson had occupied a seat next to a Marine veteran who was also flying to the same location, although he had carried the dog on his lap.

It what seemed to be termed an agitated behavior, the dog bit Mr. Marlin, making him sustain serious injuries. He had to abort his flight to seek immediate medical attention. Although he was in stable condition, he had numerous head injuries.

Reliable sources claim that the police authorities did not take any legal action had been taken against the owner of the dog that caused a commotion to the flight.

The most disturbing news is that the same passenger was allowed to travel on the same day with his pet, though on a different airline, this time round with safety measures that included the locking of the dog in a cage.

With that incident, security agencies have started a campaign to put security measures in place to avoid future occurrence of a similar event. Delta airline took the bold step first by reviewing their policy that allows their passengers to board a flight together with their pets.

Air transport is the most delicate means of transportation. A little disturbance on the passengers while aboard a plane can lead to confusion, which eventually might crash the airplane. Therefore, pets shouldn’t be allowed to occupy the same seat with the passengers, for the sake of a safe transfer.

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  1. Alana Weaver

    Alana Weaver

    June 11, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    He needs to find that Marines information and sue him for medical costs and Delta airlines.

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