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Compton’s Youngest Mayor, Aja Brown, Re-Elected For Second Term

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Politics is hardly the most remunerative of careers. Parents have many career ambitions for their children, but politics is hardly one. The material benefit can hardly be the motivator if politicians played within the rules.

One of the things you have to do to get re-elected in the next term is to make sure everyone knows how good and capable you are. Get your name and face in the media as often as you can. Facebook and blogs should be such platforms that can help publicize your good reputation.

That is the strategy used by Aja Brown, the incumbent mayor of Compton, California, who has been re-elected to lead the city for a second term.

In 2013, the 35-year-old made history at age 31 when she was elected as the city’s youngest mayor ever.
On Tuesday’s election, she won about 60 percent of the vote, defeating former Mayor Omar Bradley. In the primary, Brown won by 20 points, a little less than what she needed to avoid a runoff with Bradley.

The campaign strategy used by Brown was to stress the work that she started and needed to finish to improve Compton via a “12-Point Plan,” including youth development, economic growth, culture and arts, safety and infrastructure.

Additionally, Brown had a campaign advantage against Bradley after his conviction for misusing city funds after he left office in 2001. Even though he overturned on an appeal, it didn’t help improve his reputation during his campaign.

Brown doubled down on her promises to “build a better Compton” in a post-victory statement on Wednesday. “Throughout the election period, we witnessed the love that Compton residents have for their city and the interest they have in our shared vision for Compton’s future,” said Brown.

Brown, whose campaign slogan was “Let’s Finish The Work,” also announced the mega street reconstruction project in the city’s history, aimed at fixing and maintaining the condition of the streets.

“Progress is a process,” Brown said in a statement. “It’s an honor that Compton voters chose to keep up the momentum and finish the work that we’ve started together,” she concluded.

In politics, newcomers are more closely watched by the public and the media than incumbents. Everyone knows what to expect from incumbents, but newcomers are a mystery that needs close observation.

The reason is that voters want assurances that they made the right decision to put the elected leader in office. Congratulations to Aja Brown.

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