Black Teen Finds Photo of Herself Being Lynched Shared in Group Chat

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How would you feel when you come across a photo bearing your image being lynched. It can be a devastating experience that can traumatize you for an extended period.

Of course, that’s what happened to a 15-year-old California high school student who discovered a surprising picture of herself with a noose drawn around her neck. The picture was posted in a chemistry chat room for Los Angeles’ Palisades Charter High School.

Aina Adewumni told CBSLA that the image hurt her and couldn’t afford giving it a second look. Aina is still new to Palisades. She just transferred to the charter school in January and said that she received a hospitable welcome, being accepted by most students in that institution.

Unfortunately, three boys, in particular, started to use racial slurs. Aina told the New York Daily News that the three boys added her to their group chat where they started using the n-word. “I commanded them to avoid using the word, and that’s when I thought I created the rift and enmity.”

Aina additionally stated that the picture surfaced, and that is when she realized that the boys had continued with their inappropriate and racist behavior.

The picture used was taken days before without her knowledge. Aina stated that he took a step and told the principal immediately.

Aina’s mother, Tracy said that the picture hurt her emotionally. “When I saw my child depicted like that it was hurtful, especially to me as her mother.”

Currently, the boys involved in the incident have been suspended for the last few days of the school year. Additionally, they have issued an apology, but Aina’s mother is not satisfied with the penalty taken.

Tracy told CBSLA that the important step was to remove the boys from school and deny them the ability to come back and continue with their studies.

According to her, the second phase was supposed to educate the population to let the people know that the incident that had occurred was inappropriate and unacceptable. The police are still investigating the incident, and the family has hired an attorney.

According to the Daily News, Aina’s request of not being in the same class with the boys has been granted. Despite all that Aina has gone through, she remains a determined lady, ready to enjoy her school life.

Aina told CBSLA that she was happy she moved on after the incident and won’t be leaving. However, she observed that such as a behavior is something that needs to be stopped because it has happened in the past.

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