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Big Sean Donates $15,000 to Help Homeless College Students

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Giving back to the society is an action that famous artists take as ways of assisting black communities to avoid or reduce hardships in life.

Big Sean has also decided to pay back to his black community. The artist established a foundation by the name, “The Sean Anderson Foundation,” whose primary objective involves improving the living standards of the youths in the area through the provision of good health, provision of a secure and safe environment, and provision of quality education to children.

In a recent public lecture to the beneficiaries of his foundation, Big Sean stated that he had a goal to use his resources through Sean Anderson Foundation to improve the learning and living conditions of youths in school within Detroit.

In a statement, he said, “There is a high rate of school dropout in Detroit which has led to the closure of several schools.”

Big Sean observed the fact that his former school had contributed to shaping up his life through nurturing his talents and ensuring that he grew to become successful in the society. Thus, it was among this primary drive towards establishing the Sean Anderson Foundation.

“It would be my desire to try my level best to help the youths in Michigan through supporting them with the Big Sean foundation,” he added.

Before establishing the Sean Anderson Foundation, Big Sean had set up a recording studio in the area to help nature the talents of the youths. He also started the #HealFlintKids campaign as a way of providing clean and fresh water supply.

The most outstanding contribution from the Sean Anderson Foundation is the $25000 to Wayne State University HIGH, (Helping Individuals Go Higher) in 2016, which aimed to provide a short-term stability support to students undergoing through the challenges like homelessness, financial problems, food shortage and other difficulties in life.

At least Big Sean has taken an excellent step by using his fame to the advantage of the community. It is a recommendable action which should be replicated by all other successful artists. Instead of spending money on luxury vacations and trips, artists should remember the endless problems faced by the black communities.

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