Adorable Father-Son Duo Dances to Inspire Peers

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Dancing can be an enjoyable activity as a hobby. People often use their dancing skills as a way of entertaining others or expressing their love to their loved ones.

Killer dance moves are used to inspire others. It is always amazing to watch young children dance to their favorite music through the guidance of their parents.

Stanley Freeland, together with his son, Joshua, have gone a notch higher as far as dancing is concerned. The two displayed their ‘killer’ dancing moves via Instagram to inspire others.

The family that lives in Atlanta has been sharing their adorable choreographed videos widely through the social media.

Stanley argues that the reason as to why they decided to display their dancing moves through Instagram was to encourage dads to relate well with their children as well as make people happy.

“I think father like son videos create much joy and happiness in the world today,” stated Freeland. He added that his inspiration came from his four-year-old son enjoying the dancing style which created a good rapport between them.

Freeland has been a great role model to his son who has proved that he is also exceptionally talented in the dancing floor.

His son’s great dance moves have surprised a majority of people across the globe. “The kid is very creative and coordinates very well with me as we dance to our favorite hip-hop music,” stated Freeland.

As a way of nurturing the young boy’s talent, Freeland has even taught him how to dab, a practice which he does to perfection and with a liking. The father-son duo is doing an amazing artwork that ought to be emulated by majority especially the young, energetic parents.

The two started dancing a few years ago. As the old sayings suggest, practice makes perfect. The duos are now committing their talents to the dance floor and have plans to head straight to the microphone.

They have come up with” The ABC Song,” which is a mash-up of trap music sound and recitation of ABC where learning has been made easy for the little boy. The adorable dancing skills of the two have made them become a familiar figure online.

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