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8-Year-Old Didn’t Throw Away Her Shot To Have A ‘Hamilton’ Birthday Party

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Sometimes, children might come up with unrealistic demands from their parents that might put unnecessary pressure on them. Of course, that’s what happened to Aisha Greene’s parents when their daughter asked them to take her and all her friends to see “Hamilton.”

At first, Aisha thought it would be impossible when her daughter asked for a “Hamilton”-themed birthday party, but later decided she would make it happen.

Aisha’s daughter, Clarke, finally had her birthday on Saturday at New York’s Fraunces Tavern, which contains of a museum and restaurant. It had to take her creative mom about a month to gather party favors and decorations to suit her daughter’s love for the musical.

At the museum, the kids did a “Hamilton” scavenger hunt. They afterward dressed in colonial costumes and touched replicas of historical artifacts. While at the restaurant, the kids did crafts, took photos and sang “Hamilton” karaoke.

Among those who attended the party were 27 children and 25 adults. The party also featured black, white and gold balloons, a cake inspired by the show’s playbill, trifold that featured lyrics and photos from the musical and “Hamilton” goody bags that contained paper dolls of the characters and mini U.S. Constitutions.

All the kids who attended took home a pad and an American flag pen. Clarke’s father, Hayden Greene who works with Greene Light Photography, captured the fun event, not missing a single moment.

In an interview with the HuffPost, Aisha stated that her daughter thought it was the best party ever. She said the other kids, including those who weren’t familiar with the musical, also had to sing along, engaging in the scavenger hunt.

Aisha, who lives in Brooklyn, stated that there were many reasons why her family adores “Hamilton.” She observed that the music was accessible and infectious. Additionally, Aisha noted that her husband also appreciates the connections between the musical and her family.

She stated that her husband had invested in the story of an immigrant from the Caribbean. Aisha also found the connection to the storyline because her dad and grandmother are both from the Caribbean. Additionally, she’s a New Yorker, and it is a story about ‘the greatest city in the world.

Though the planning and setting up for Clarke’s birthday was time-consuming and expensive than a party with a more common theme, Aisha stated the experience was worth it.

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