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SuperSoaker creator gives back

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Lonnie Johnson may not be a household name, but every black house knew of his products when summertime rolls around.

The Super Soaker. The summer must have for many families was created by the impeccable inventor and engineer named above.

Thus far, the former airman and engineer for NASA has made approximately 1 billion dollars from the summer water toy. While the gifted engineer is most acclaimed for his fun summertime gadget, Johnson is working to build in a different field now. He’s now geared his focus to giving back and being an inspiration to the next generation of young engineers.

Johnson STEM Activity Center, the nonprofit,  is funding high school robotics teams and offering them a creative workspace in the greater Atlanta region. One of the teams comprised of a group of young war refugees recently qualified for the worldwide Texas competition. They’ve only been competing for two years.

It’s great to see such a prominent black engineer pour back to the community to build up students who may want to follow a path similar to his own work in invention and engineering work. Johnson is responsible for one if not the most popular summer toy of all time in the opinion of many children and adults who grew up with the SuperSoaker as a part of their life and an essential role in the summertime fun. From creating this incredible toy. to doing engineering work with NASA and as a former airman, Johnson is a great example of a role model and black creativity in the STEM field. The work the Johnson STEM Activity Center is doing to uplift STEM high school students and robotics teams is beyond noble and admirable. Johnson’s SuperSoaker toy was a major part of the community and now he’s giving back to the same communities that grew up with his toy.

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  1. Ginger Porter

    Ginger Porter

    June 9, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Great. And GREAT info.

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