Teen Who Couldn’t Find a Date for Prom Takes Her Harvard Admission Letter Instead

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One of the biggest stresses that students face is applying to college and planning their prom night. However, the 17-year-old Priscilla Samey has killed it in both categories.

Last weekend, Priscilla Samey attended her high school prom in Minnesota. Unfortunately, she hadn’t found a date to accompany her.

But of course, that didn’t prove a problem at all since she had seven admission letters from some of America’s most prestigious universities.

Samey’s sister, however, is the first person who suggested the idea of taking her Harvard acceptance letter instead of following the path of one of her classmates.

Thus, Samey decided to stick to her roots even though she received offers at Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Columbia, and Brown.

The teen explained to Mic that her classmate’s reactions were overwhelmingly positive. “They all thought it was funny. I didn’t receive negative feedback as I had earlier thought. They were all very proud and supportive.”

Samey joked that her date was so “low maintenance” that she didn’t even have to pay for its dinner and unnecessary expenses.

Samey went on to explain that she had saved money on her dress, made by a family friend as an homage to her African culture. Indeed, we can all agree the pair looked pretty stunning together.

Samey had a humble upbringing after encountering several obstacles. It is still a surprise how she became an internet hero from high school student.

Samey was born to Togolese parents and arrived in the US from Quebec aged eight. She found herself struggling as a young girl not only to walk but also to learn a brand new language.

Her college entry letter also describes the difficulties her father encountered since he touched down in the US.
Even though her dad was a fully qualified doctor, Samey explained that to this day, her father works on a little salary security job because no one is willing to employ him because of his accent.

The teen added that she was at the top of her class and had a nearly perfect GPA. English used to be his strongest subject, but series of financial challenges almost discouraged her.

“As I turn a new chapter in my life, I am motivated by the image of my father who taught me perseverance especially when faced with failure,” she stated in the letter.

The teen has received support from all over the social media since her story went viral. Her tweet read, “I couldn’t find a man to accept me for prom. Therefore, I took a college that I needed,” with the hashtag #Harvard2021. The tweet grabbed attention and garnered more than 20,000 retweets and above 100,000 likes.

Priscilla will apply her Harvard admission to proper use. She plans to major in political science. It wasn’t an easy ride for Samey, and her advice to other teens who are applying to college is, “Being true to themselves.”

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