Sweat or Highlighter in the Gym? Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland Spills her Biggest Pet Peeves

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The acclaimed ballet dancer notes her biggest gym pet peeve is “when I see people with their hair down and makeup on and a little bra, I am like ‘Girl, just get sweaty and do what you need to do”.

As a phenomenal dancer and incredible athlete who is always training, Misty Copeland is entitled to her pet peeve in every right. It’s not uncommon to see women in a designer, revealing workout outfit or a full face of makeup in the gym anymore. In our current time, a popular trend is to be glamorous at all times, so Copeland isn’t stretching the truth with her observation.

Also in our current time, a popular trend is self-love and acceptance. So, if some women want to come to the gym looking like Instagram models, why does it matter if anyone else likes how they work out? Everyone isn’t the same and that’s what makes this world interesting and constantly evolving; so let sis shine in her highlight and her body sweat.

We live in a society that is constantly degrading certain types of women to praise others. While that more than likely wasn’t the intention of Copeland, such a big symbol of female athleticism would be a great ally in the fight for women to do whatever they please in, however they may feel the most comfortable. As long as women are working to be healthier and more confident, it shouldn’t matter how they get there or what they arrive in.

Successful female athletes such as Misty Copeland, Serena, & Venus Williams, are critical icons to black women interested in any time of the athletic field. These women proved that where you come from or what you look like do not have to affect how much skill, talent or success you may have in your career. Misty Copeland, as a beautiful black ballerina, has every right to her opinion; but, it’s possible that maybe she’s invested a little too deeply into the appearance of other women at the gym over the work they’re doing at the gym.

Women working out and getting in shape or staying in shape is a beautiful thing within itself. Some women want to glisten in sweat and highlight & that’s okay too. As long as women in the gym are working hard like Misty Copeland always does, how they show up is minuscule in comparison.

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