‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Phaedra Parks Responds to Shocking Reunion Accusation

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Phaedra Parks is feeling like a scapegoat after the part 3 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 reunion. She has been the subject of many controversial topics, but Sunday’s reunion show portrays the 43-year-old reality star in a different light.

According to Porsha Williams, Phaedra told her that Kandi Burruss and her husband had planned on drugging their mutual friend Shamea Morton, one night to take advantage of them sexually.

As Phaedra suggested to the PEOPLE magazine, she said she doesn’t have the time to be stirring up trouble. She suggested that the rest of the cast are trying to gang up on her.

“It’s funny to think that I have time to be caught up in gossip,” she said. “As we know, I have several jobs and two small children. I think people are always up to blame someone.”

Phaedra said that she was sure the footage spoke for itself. “My entire scene is not talking about anyone on the show except for what’s going on in my personal life. Others together with their families can’t stop mentioning me,” she said. “It’s surprising that a whole staff mentions me just endlessly.”

Besides the accusation, Phaedra has often faced criticism for the way she carries herself. She has defended herself saying that there are so many people with this Christian handbook that she has not received.

“I like to wear skimpy bathing suits. I have prayed that whoever owns the Christian dress code together with the handbook to send me a copy,” Phaedra said.

The star added that she didn’t see anywhere in the Bible where there were strict guidelines about having fun and wearing bathing suits. “Where did they get this dress code for being Christian? I thought being a Christian was about your hearts. Where did they get this dress code?” she inquired.

She explained that sometimes if people lack anything to concrete, they just attack your character. “My character speaks for itself. Anyone who knows me can say I’m gracious and helpful.”

The star further stated that there were a lot of the things that she does and never seen on camera because her intention is not to get praise for but to be a vessel and used for the purpose of empowering people.

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