Nicki Minaj Takes Royal Turn in ‘Light My Body up’ Video

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Nicki Minaj has featured in David Guetta’s ‘Light My Body Up’ along with Lil Wayne. We are aware that David Guetta is a DJ and producer. Thus, most of his songs always hit, with the fact that he involves famous artists.

The video features Nicky and Lil Wayne as Guetta doesn’t sing or rap. In the song, Nicki spits some of her dopest lyrics as soon as the video begins.

Nicki is not junior to singing, but the type of singing style in the video is new. She sings in most of her pop records which cause a higher frequency and ultimately a greater key than her voice’s calling.

Nicki, as a trained vocalist has over 15 years of experience. This song helps her find her key that she has searched for long but in vain.

It is the first time that a producer has placed Nicki in her correct key which has matched her tone to actualize the song. The more exciting aspect of the song is that there are less vocal spoils on the track. You can hear Nicki singing in dedication, proving her critics wrong.

The Hip-hop artist and singer have a humble background that traces from his abusive father who was a drug addict and had a long history of violence. In a recent interview, Minaj said that the early struggles helped fuel her drive to rise above the life her parents knew.

“I have always had this female-empowerment drive in the back of my mind because I wanted my mother to be stronger. I thought that if I become successful, I can change her life,” she said.

The young star developed personas for herself that would allow her to reach her target. Nicki Minaj has now become a popular rap artist in the US. She shot to fame within a short span of time and established herself as an award-winning singer, rapper, and hip-hop artist.

Minaj has a unique voice which often makes use of various accents, and energetic, fast-flow rap style, making her popular both as a solo artist and as a featured cameo voice on other albums.

Besides music, Minaj is also widely known for bold and outstanding loud fashion. She is well-known for her brightly colored makeup and unique hairstyles, not to mention her costumes.

Nicki has gone from a social media hopeful to successful media mogul in less than ten years including multiple recording projects and even a Super Bowl appearance.

There are no signs of slowing Nicki Minaj as she continues to wow audiences with new solo music, and getting to collaborations with other artists.

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