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Michigan Passes Bill To Stop Cops From Having Sex With Prostitutes

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Republican State Senator Judy Emmons, passed a bill, in Michigan, that abstains police offers from having sex with prostitutes as a method for busting the sex-workers. Police officers will now be prosecuted if they engage in sexual penetration while on the clock, whereas before they were immune from prosecution. Immunity was initially put into place to protect the officer from prosecution while doing a bust.

Michigan is the last state in the nation to pass this law and although it’s assumed that having sexual relations with sex-workers is common in this state by police officers, Senator Rick Jones begs to differ. In response to the bill, the senator announced,  “As a former sheriff, no modern-day police department would ever allow this. This makes no much sense [to pass the bill.]”

While Emmons said she doesn’t believe police are using such tactics — “and they’re certainly not trained in it— it’s time for the exemption to end, especially when the Legislature is working so diligently to fight human trafficking in the state. The bill is still one that needed to pass.”

The state of Hawaii was the last state, before Michigan, to do away with the exemption for police officers. It has been tried for several years to get the exception removed but wasn’t successful until now when State Representative Glen was enlisted to introduce a similar bill, in an effort to protect human trafficking victims.

Advocate for victims of human trafficking and International human rights lawyer, Mary Katherine Burke told the Independent, “I’ve heard of stories of adult sex workers being detained by law enforcement and having them offer to release the sex worker without arresting or charging if the sex worker performs some sort of act… and then arresting the sex worker on prostitution charges anyway,” she said. “When police take advantage like this while investigating them [prostitutes], it’s just downright wrong.” She goes on to say, “it’s antithetical to the whole idea of victim services.”


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