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Meet Mercy Kitomari: Enjoying Her Sweet Taste of Success

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It is an ordinary case to find an entrepreneur who is a philanthropist and also an educator. Well, meet Mercy Kitomari, one of the most genius human beings who has faced a good fortune in her life.

Mercy’s charm is ever-present, and thus, she came up with the first ever black-owned Organic Ice Cream Chain.

When you meet her, she talks boldly about her passions which include ice cream, chocolate, and wildlife. You can probably tell there is nothing else in the world she would rather be doing apart from her passions.

Mercy’s intoxicating personality is embodied in the organic ice cream made by her company, Nelwa’s Gelato.
Mercy was born in Lesotho and spent her early childhood there before moving to Arusha where she completed her primary and secondary education.

She had a higher education in the United Kingdom where the idea of establishing an ice cream company started taking shape. After completing her studies, Mercy moved back to Tanzania and began working in finance industry.

She founded her company, Nelwa’s Gelato while still working for a banking institution. The early days of the company involved social media marketing and networking, taking orders on weekdays and making deliveries on weekends.

The company caught its first breakthrough after landing a deal to supply Southern Sun Hotel with more ice cream than they were able to produce at the time.

To date, Nelwa’s Gelato has become a household name in Tanzania’s ice cream industry. The diverse and delicious quality ice cream products offered is successfully competing against the biggest local and international ice cream brands in the market.

Mercy Kitomari appeared in the local Ndovu Spotlight Studio series and the international BBC’s African Dream series as one of the upcoming Tanzanian entrepreneurs.

In spite of occasionally making appearance in the media, Mercy remains humble and authentic in personality. The moment you meet her, she gives you a warm, sincere smile that graces in her presence which naturally attracts you to connect with her company’s products.

Nelwa’s Gelato Company supports several local small-scale fruit farmers. Mercy also engages in a philanthropic role. Her love for Tanzania’s natural resources has Mercy working diligently to promote wildlife conservation all over Tanzania. Rarely does a day pass without hearing her talk about a herd of elephants in the African sunset.

Mercy’s company makes 30 different flavors of rich and creamy ice cream. Mercy started out making ice cream in her mother’s kitchen. She has indeed fulfilled her dream of making her ice cream into the sweet taste of success.

Mercy’s ice cream creations are different. She uses fresh ingredients and exotic African fruits, spices, and nuts. Her products are lower in calories, fat, and sugar.

Among her delicious flavors are passion, coffee, lemongrass, mango, raspberry, cookies and cream, peanut butter, wild berry, pineapple, pear, cinnamon, chocolate, among others.

Mercy’s business also includes catering for events such as birthdays, weddings, music festivals and even home deliveries in addition to running two locations in Tanzania. Her ultimate goal is to open ice cream parlors across Tanzania and to other parts of Africa.

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