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Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘A Disgusting, Poor Excuse of a Man.’

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Rep. Maxine Waters went after President Trump on Wednesday night yet again. She called him a “disgusting, poor excuse for a man,” saying that she wanted him impeached.

Waters spoke the words at a gala held by Emily’s list, which aims to help elect female Democrats who support abortion rights.

During her address, the frequent Trump critic called on the young to step up and resist Trump’s administration, railing against his policies.

“We must take our collective strength to correct our society from anger and pain, to resist tyranny, and to save our democracy from one man whose wicked character and misleading thinking are a threat to our nation,” she said.

Waters slammed President Trump’s Cabinet as “ill-prepared, right-wing billionaires. She said that she didn’t like using the term impeachment but forced due to the evils she sees in the administration.

“I am not always into using the term impeach, but I want President Trump impeached because that’s what he deserves,” she said. Water reiterated a call often made since Trump’s inauguration.

Waters acknowledged and recommended the energy and support she has received from millennials. She attributed her popularity to continuous Trump’s resistance.

Waters also celebrated the support received on Twitter, noting that she had gained followers from 46,000 to over 327,000.

Waters said she has vowed to put her career on the line despite any obstacle. Waters admitted that she comes from a district where she has a lot of support, but many do not like what she does.

“I have decided that no matter those who do dislike my activities, and disagree with me, I’m ascertained that this country deserves better than Donald Trump,” She said to a cheering crowd.

Being a California Democrat, Waters is expected will to say such things because she faces no political consequences. In fact, that’s what her constituent wants to hear.

It isn’t the first time Waters has gone off the deep end. She is firm in her stance that she has fought against Trump’s administration every moment.

She also said that the President has no business being in the office because he lacks experience. She has consistently under looked the fact that when one wins the presidential election, they become president according to the constitution. We are looking forward to her next anti-Trump sentiments.

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