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Little Miss Flint Still Speaking Out for Drinkable Water in Michigan!

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By: Jeffrey Gillham

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has certainly been one of the most intriguing stories of the last several years. Amariyanna Copeny made news in 2016 after asking for President Barack Obama’s attention to the issue. Now, Copeny is again getting involved in global issues as she prepares for the Peoples Climate March in Washington D.C.

Copeny had been known to many as Miss Flint due to her involvement in speaking out on the Flint water crisis.  Now she is taking on a different role becoming Miss Rambo for the People’s Climate March. It sounds like a big part of her enthusiasm for the People’s Climate March stems from her experience with the water crisis in Flint. She was recruited by media companies Purpose and Footage Films to shoot a promotional video emphasizing the importance of environmental dangers. This video focuses on the water crisis to advocate for the importance of people attending the March.

The film is also shot in Copeny’s home in order to further highlight how environmental racism can impact lives. The Flint water crisis is very well known across the country and getting to see first-hand how it has impacted the lives of people living in Flint will likely have an impact on how people view the importance of the Peoples Climate March. Copeny feels it is important for people to stand up for or against issues that they are passionate about. With the water crisis having such an impact on Copeny directly, it is easy to see why she feels so passionately about many of the issues that are impacting her and others that have had to deal with environmental dangers.

Drinkable water is something that most people in the United States take for granted. After a number of videos and stories appeared in 2014 detailing the horrible water quality in Flint a high level of lead was found in the water supply for the city. The water in Flint remains contaminated today and bottled water has been the only safe way to drink water in the city since. Copeny has been a major influence on working to change that and speaking at events such as the Peoples Climate March and the March for Science are a step in the right direction to promote change.

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