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Kelvin Doe: “At Age 11, I Built My Own Radio Station.”

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Africa is a home to several wonder-kid inventors. Meet Kelvin Doe, the poor Sierra Leon kid who surprised world engineers.

The sensational innovator was born on October 26th, 1996, Freetown, Sierra Leon. As a child, he was determined to take a rough and smooth way to mark his legacy.

Kelvin, popularly known as DJ Focus is known for applying his engineering prowess to come up with his community radio station, “Dwozark,” where he plays music, broadcast shows, and news under the name DJ Focus.

He came with the idea when he was young, to chart a new way to help his community and country as a whole in the development. He became an inevitable figure in the society by his hard work and inventing new things both at home and at school.

The talented kid learned to balance his academics and radio talent. Kelvin became popular when he emerged as the winner in GMin’s innovative Salone idea competition, where he built a generator from a scrap.

Kevin further found a breakthrough when he applied to build a community radio to empower his community. After building the station, he had a huge fan base as people concentrated on listening to his religious music and shows.

He says that it was expensive to come up with the station since he used pieces of collected scraps to come up with the transmitters, generators, and batteries.

He first came to public light after receiving an invitation to the US, consequently becoming the youngest person to ever participate in the Visiting Practitioners Program.

Kevin’s accomplishment made the President of Sierra Leon give him a Presidential gold medal award for his innovations. Additionally, he participated in the TEDxTeen and lectured the undergraduate students at Harvard.

Like other successful people, Kevin’s story was also not devoid of challenges. Immediately he was conceived, Kevin’s father was against the pregnancy and pressured his mother to abort the pregnancy.

Thanks to his mother who refused vehemently and instead opted to keep the pregnancy. Her mother’s disobedience to her husband came with consequences. She had to take the responsibility of raising the kid all by herself together with other siblings.

Being raised by a single parent meant a lot of constraint to Kevin. His family occasionally scolded him for picking up scraps, and some cases said that he was mentally challenged.

The kid never gave up messing his mother’s tiny room with all sorts of dirt. He has proved to the world that hard work and perseverance pay when he started his career.

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