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Karen Handel’s Husband Shares an Image to encourage Black Voters to Rally Behind His Wife

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Republican candidate Karen Handel’s husband on Tuesday last week shared a meme on his Twitter handle imploring voters to rally behind his wife so as to “free the black slaves from Democratic plantation. Mrs. Handel is vying to represent Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District in the Congress.

The quoted tweet from another user had his comments added to it. The image in question was from a Twitter account under the name @rose10052.

It had a picture of a young black man dressed in a suit with a caption that said criticism of black kids who obey the law, study in school, with ambition as ‘acting white’ is a trickery by Democrats on the Black population to ensure they remain weak, dependent, and ignorant.

A text on the picture further says “Free the black slaves from the Democratic plantation,” and “Handel will fight for the minorities to excel,” on the top. The bottom of the image read “join the movement to “send Karen Handel to Congress,” with a link to her web page.

As expected, in a quick move to salvage the situation, Karen’s campaign team downplayed the action from Mr. Handel.
In a statement to CNN’s K-File, her representative reported that Steve Handel had not been keen enough to the message in the original tweet.

Like many of us, Steve made a mistake and retweeted. He didn’t pay attention to it; he thought it was an absentee vote message. A spokesperson was reported to have stated that it was clearly not appropriate.

Coincidentally the blunder occurred on the same day Karen had released an advert revealing more details of her personal life.

The consequences of this obvious mistake are still not clear as to what extent it is likely to affect the race. However, it is not a light matter; it will certainly shake the bid to secure the seat.

Karen is seeking to take over the vacancy left by Tom Price who quit for the post of Health and Human Services Secretary. But first, she will have to square it out with Democratic nominee Jon Ossoff who is also up guns blazing to take up the role.

Mrs. Handel, a lifetime conservative is banking on her career in both the private and public circles to steer her for glory while Ossoff will be counting on his near outright victory to push him for first-time success.

At the moment, the race is very tight. The initial estimates show what is likely to be the most expensive House campaign in the United States.

Above all, the final result will have an interpretation of a critical test to the already dwindling popularity of President Donald Trump.

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  1. Mustafa Ahmad

    Mustafa Ahmad

    May 9, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Wrong message and messager smh

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