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“I Change Lives For Chicago Moms with Special Needs Children.”

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There is nothing as disheartening as learning that your child shows signs of developmental disability. In most cases, parents get demoralized and might even take a step of disowning their children.

However, Chicago-based mother Keesha Hall case is different. After learning that her four-year-old son had developed a disability, she made the hard choice to tackle the challenge against all the odds.

That is to say that she changed her life for the better of her son. Being a single mother implied she was living in a brink of poverty due to unemployment.

Keesha was determined to learn how to become a champion for her son. Thus, she took the first step of establishing her non-profit organization ‘Educare.’ With that, she learned how to accept her child’s diagnosis and strengthened his social, emotional and behavioral health.

Keesha’s advice for young mothers faced with similar challenges is to view everything positively and turn an unfortunate situation into a gift.

Keesha Hall works privately with clients. She can decide to go to client’s houses and help them with their children with special needs. However, not all of her clients have children with special needs, but a majority of them do.

Keesha says that you have to be understanding and have the patience to be able to live in a household with a child considered physically challenged. “As a mother, you have to accept the challenge and stop being in denial.”

She states that she was in denial for about seven years because she wasn’t ready to accept the fact that her son would struggle or that he would academically lag behind. Keesha added that it took her years of therapy and of educating herself, learning more about him and developing patience.

What motivated Keesha to start changing the lives of Chicago moms with special needs is her drive to offer help to the next person. “It’s always important for me to give when I have and help the next person,” she stated.

The studies conducted recently reveal psychological, emotional, social, and economic challenges that moms endure while living with mentally ill children.

In most cases, the emotional challenges faced by such parents include being stressed by the tasks and having worries about the present and future life of their children. Social challenges are not an exception including stigma, the burden of the caring responsibility, lack of social support, and problems with social life.

Thanks to Keesha Hall who is offering a professional assistance through public awareness of mental illnesses in children. It is a major step in addressing the challenges the moms face.

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