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“Exposed Ankle” and African Print Dress Causes Teen To Miss Prom

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Every girl wants to look extra special on her prom night and no one wants to show up wearing the same dress as someone else, so a lot of prom goers purchase custom dresses to avoid the drama. This was the case with Amari Williams, a student at Carencro High School in Lafayette, Louisiana. Williams saved up enough money to purchase a custom dress for her special day, to stand out from the rest of the crowd but the unthinkable happened. When prom night arrived, Williams wasn’t allowed inside. Why?

Her African-inspired dress didn’t fit the dress code and according to her school’s principal, she was showing too much ankle and therefore in violation of the code, as the dress didn’t appear to be formal enough. However, it’s alleged that Qualey had already given approval to Williams days before, so what changed? Simply put,  Qualey doesn’t recall giving Williams approval. Nonetheless, Williams’ mother, Troynetta arrived at the prom ready to make her daughter’s dress prom-ready, with seamstress tools in tow and immediately noticed that other student’s dresses were out of code too, but were allowed into prom. Why is that?

“The dress code, when I looked over it, it did mention that the dress had to be floor length, and they considered it not formal since it wasn’t the same length all the way around,” Troynetta explained to Yahoo Style. “But then I brought it to [the principal’s] attention that some of the rules in the dress-code policy also state that midriffs, high splits, or low back dresses aren’t allowed. As I’d been standing there, I saw she’d been allowing all those types of dresses into prom, but here she denies my daughter, and she’s dressed appropriately, not showing any skin or anything inappropriate at all. Her response to me was, “She used her own judgment.”

Williams was the only one wearing African-inspired print and it’s hard to disagree, that may be the true reason why she was denied entry to prom, not because she was showing a little ankle.

A word of advice from Williams to future prom goers … “get the approval in writing.”

To make a young girl miss her prom, for a reason so trivial, is disheartening. I wonder how many other students were turned away that night!


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