Condoleezza Rice Say’s The US ‘Was Born with a Birth Defect.’

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Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State on Sunday said that the United States “was born with a congenital disability.” She asserted that the flaw was slavery.

Jane Pauley hosted Rice on CBS Sunday morning. She noted that “We forget how long it has taken us to make the United States. Indeed I think that America was born with a birth defect which was slavery.”

Rice served under former President George W. Bush. She first took the role of his national security adviser and later as his secretary of state.

Rice described the civil rights movement in the 1960s as the “second founding” of the United States. She noted that the first one “was incomplete.”

She said, “I engage in critical thinking that when we were finally able to deliver the promise of the Constitution to all the citizens, including little girls growing up in Birmingham, and when we finally enable all fathers to vote without difficulty, it will mark the second founding of America.”

Rice has always pioneered speaking against racism in the US. In 2011, she told CBS that even though the U.S. had reached a place where race was not the limiting factor as it used to be, America was never going to erase race as a factor to its citizens.

Racism is a topic the former secretary of state understands better. In 2005, Rice became the first black woman to hold that office. Every summer, Rice and her parents would travel from Alabama to Denver, not as a trip for summer vacation but rather, as a journey made out of necessity because of their skin color.

Rice explained how rough it used to be in 1961. She stated that black students couldn’t go to the University of Alabama for graduate school. Her parents had to travel to Denver to further their studies due to those boundaries.

When asked whether she thinks it was possible for democracy to unravel in the United States, Rice told Pauley that it was impossible since the United States has such a DNA about lacking the executive power.

Rice has also interacted with President Trump. In October 2016, she urged Mr. Trump to withdraw from the campaign following the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

Besides, Rice met with the commander in chief in March of this year in what she described as a private affair. She noted that she respected the presidency since he is the person elected by Americans. Rice vowed to do everything she can to try to make sure the President succeeds in his tenure.

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