Chilli Responds to Backlash Hurled at Her After Stating ‘All Lives Matter.’

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Chili has gone to the social media to clarify the statement she made about ‘all lives matter’ after a backlash. As reported previously, Channel 4 in the UK asked the TLC member about the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S.

In response, Chilli said she didn’t go to any matches or anything related to that. According to her, all lives matter because there is a time when different groups are targeted for various things.

“I just think that the whole what happened including police brutality against these young black boys, and all related stuff is wrong,” Chilli Clarified.

She followed that up with some stammering about why she believes police brutality is a problem for everyone and not just Black people.

“Never mind that the phrase “All Lives Matter” is a deflection intended to silence concerns about the disproportionate amount of police brutality inflicted on the Black community,” she stated.

Chilli couldn’t hold the roasting and thus, had disabled the ability to leave comments on her Instagram account.
Before matters turned worst, the 46-year-old singer addressed the controversy through a statement posted by The Shade Room.

“Black Lives Matter of course. The killing of young black boys is heartbreaking to all of us. You all know I am a black mother of a black son. Therefore, there is no way I could watch what’s happening and not be affected,” stated Chilli.

I gave an inclusive response from the video in an interview in London, asking me about issues happening in the U.S. I didn’t mean to undervalue the Black Lives Matter movement or to support police brutality against blacks as being acceptable,” she concluded.

It is a common trend that whenever anyone gets into a discussion about Black Lives Matter, the chances are that they will get someone to derail the conversation by saying “All Lives Matter.”

Today, that person was Chilli who gave a complicated answer to everyone about whether she supports Black Lives Matter.

With the hopes to clear up any misunderstanding, she added that she feels the biggest problem with police brutality has the wrong people in positions of power. Chilli noted how some people take that authoritative position and go crazy with it.

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  1. Alana Weaver

    Alana Weaver

    May 19, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    💁🏾All Lives Matter yes but those other groups are not subject to the same police brutality as Blacks have and are continuing to experienced in this country!

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