Cam Newton and Girlfriend Celebrate His Birthday on a Costa Rican Getaway

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Birthdays are a special day that comes around once a year people. The older one gets, the more they see the importance of a birthday.

I’m not speaking from my perspective. Everyone is a firm believer at celebrating milestones such as getting a new girlfriend, reaching the double digits, and graduating from childhood to adulthood.

Cam Newton is that celebrity who decided to celebrate his birthday as if something of epic proportions had transpired. The star understood that his birthday was a sign that he had managed an opportunity to live another 365 days in the year.

It’s not easy reaching that milestone. I can admit that Cam Newton was not ready to take life for granted, perhaps because tomorrow is never promised, neither is next week, or next month.

Cam and Kia decided to live their best lives on that special day. The couples along with their squad of friends enjoyed Costa Rica in a lavish mansion. They took on the island with yacht rides and AVTs. The couple did manage to spend some quality time together without the kids.

We can remember that Kia recently gave birthday to their second child, Sovereign Dior Ambella Newton. She was able to flaunt her snap back body while Cam enjoyed with his leading lady.

Kia went ahead and took to Instagram to share a special message with her best friend and love, “We made a bond from the very beginning. I found my honey and my best friend. I’m going to be there for you till the very end no matter what, no matter what transpires…Happy birthday, baby.”

The birthday boy gave a music video recapping all the fun. Isn’t that what we call a birthday celebration?
People enjoy birthday differently. Some say the least of being the life of the party. Once we reach a certain age, the commemoration of a birthday becomes necessary.

We should always celebrate our birthday by either watching a movie, going for a dinner, a nice lunch, an expensive gift, or whatever makes you happy. Make it happen, because it’s your birthday.

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