Black Teen Confronts White Teacher Who Insists On Using The ‘N-Word’ In Class

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Students at Ben Franklin High School ended up having to criticize a white teacher earlier this week after he apparently thought it was okay to use the n-word flagrantly. The teacher has been putting the term as a commoditized word occasionally in class.

Several videos that made their way online shows the teacher telling a black student that it was okay to use the word in class. Principal Patrick Widhalm confirmed the authenticity of the videos stating that he has also rolled his eyes on them too.

Coach Ryan is the identity of the teacher on social media. But Mr. Widhalm declined to confirm the name.

One black student in the video can be heard disagreeing with Coach Ryan. He says, “That’s racist as sh*t. Why don’t you understand that it’s racist for a white man to say ‘nigger’ to a black man?” he inquires.

The student then turns around and rhetorically asks the rest of the class if they have ever used the word. He proceeds to tell the teacher that no one would use that term.

In his defense, the teacher asks the student if he knows the meaning of a commoditized word. He responds, “It’s a word used many times, and it doesn’t have its original meaning. The word has been commoditized to allow anyone use it. It’s never a negative connotation.”

He adds, “If you say, nigger, it means a friend, but if I say the word, it implies something different,” the teacher says. The student gave an explanation that the word could change meaning depending on the speaker’s race.

After the incident, the students went to the principal’s office after class with the intention of staging a sit-in which later turned into an hour-long assembly.

The school’s principal said that students from different backgrounds had a fantastic dialogue about racism issues that still exist around with the main agenda of the dialogue being the stigma that black people face in society.

The students emphasized on the way people perceive and look at black people. They added that it was also a problem experienced by women and the black community in general.

The students suggested punitive punishments to teachers who just make irresponsible choices, including getting fired or demotions.

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  1. Ginger Porter

    Ginger Porter

    May 12, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Unacceptable. Glad there was dialog, but the use of the word should be limited, and never used by ANYONE who would object to hearing Wop, Spick, Meskin, Jew, etc. Same thing.

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