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Ways in Which the Social Media Can Destroy Your Marriage

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I can admit that we all love social media. It is a place we probably spend most of our time. However, it is important to be careful and take note of the damage that social media can cause to your marriage and relationships.

The widespread use of social media has changed several aspects of our relationship and marriage. For instance, when celebrating our milestones, you can fully embrace the unique moment with your friends and followers through an Instagram update, Twitter post, or Facebook update.

It is a common case nowadays to experience Facebook relationship status update when couples get engaged. What follows the update are the adorably perfect engagement photos.

When we jump to Twitter, the celebration will have its unique, catchy hashtag that will tell your followers how they can share their pictures on Twitter and Instagram.

That is the same reason that has made relationships complicated with the recurrence of violent fights and petty grudges. Marriage isn’t a breeze.

A lot of people do not realize that social media is the cause of their problems. Several types of researchers show that social media proves to do more harm than good for married folks.

In a report released in 2010, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers stated that social media evidence propelled 81 percent of divorce cases.

Ways that social media can tank a marriage:

1. Using the social media rather than human interaction

Couples in a relationship nowadays avoid asking how each other’s day was. They often prefer saying such on the social media. Such actions limit the romantic tendencies and emotional attachments.

2. Reconnecting with previous partners ultimately leads to an affair

Social media has made it simple to start a relation with old loves and to dredge up the ghosts of our past. That begins with a friend request and eventually turns into calls, texts and secret affair which have caused damage to a marriage.

3. It portrays everyone else’s marriage appearing to be perfect in comparison

There is a natural tendency of feeling jealous when we scroll through our social media pages and come across pictures of other married couples. We try to compare that to our marriage and indeed conclude that it appears perfect. That creates resentment and might result in a break of the marriage. What we often fail to understand is that no marriage is perfect. Each has its hardship, weakness, and happy moments.

4. It leaks too much personal information online:

We fail to establish the boundary of the appropriate information when it comes to sharing personal information on media. Not all your friends and family want to know every detail of your personal life. Usually, it causes embarrassment for one spouse, leading to distrust, lack of intimacy and privacy between partners.

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