T.I : “Marriage Distracted And Deterred Me From Achieving Family Legacy.”

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After months of speculation, T.I has confirmed that he and Tiny Harris have broken up, and he is now single.

The two got married in 2010, but six years later (Dec 2016), Tiny filed for divorce from the rapper claiming that things were not good between them.

The hip-hop artist confirmed the rumors when he appeared on the Angie Martinez radio show. He ascertained that there was no beef between him and Tiny.

Despite their separation, T.I maintains that they are still best friends but admitted that he might be a better pal than a spouse.

Just before concluding, the rapper gave his last comment that created a buzz on Twitter. He stated, “It seems to me that what marriage means and what marriage does is just one of those things that have distracted and deterred me.”

In the same Angie Martinez interview, T.I. said the feud between them had nothing to do with him since it was a “women’s business.”

He explained why he believes his marriage served as a hindering “distraction” against his professional pursuits. He said that he was an ultimate man on a mission. He stated that he had strived to take his family and its legacy higher.

He stated that in his life, there were different kinds of people that would help him get where he desires. He referred to his wife as the distraction.

After acknowledging that his emphasis on eminence over wedded bliss could be considered selfish, the self-proclaimed King of The South went on to pride himself for being the patriarch of his family who’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

T.I has an estimated net worth of $50 million which came through his works as a rapper, producer, author, and actor. T.I began rapping at the tender age of eight and found himself engulfed in music.

The rapper is active when it comes to helping the community particularly through the scholarships that he provides for the troubled Atlanta Youths.

He is reportedly now dating model Bernice Burgos who has led to arguments between Tiny and the model on social media.

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    Pennie Thompson

    April 15, 2017 at 4:06 pm


  2. Denise Bradberry

    Denise Bradberry

    April 15, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    What God join together let no Man put asunder.pray for Tiny strength God is not mocked so a soweth so shall he reapth blessings to this family in their time of change

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