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Meet the Gifted Nigerian Inventor of a Flying Car

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There are a thousand reasons why people consider making the dream of obtaining a car come true.

The powerful machinery rejuvenates your freedom and fulfills your desire to travel. Personally, I have occasionally fantasized about owning a flying car. But I have probably been stuck in the nightmare of financial constraint.

For some people, the idea of inventing the luxurious car is unthinkable. Thanks to the 46-year-old inventor Kehinde Durojaiye, a valiant stride has been made toward creating the solutions to my inquiry.

The designer has come up with a nickname for his invention; the “aero-amphibious jet car,” he calls it, and it can run on land, sea, and air.

The coined “Wonderboy of Lagos,” has contributed not only to the civilization but also to the exposure of black excellence. Previously, the invention of powerful machinery and electronics was solely a “white man’s affair.”

The invention has ushered in the idea that Africans could be responsible for the next wave of automotive ingenuity. They might be responsible for the mechanics of the world’s first land/sea/air automobile in the future.

The invented vehicle is fully amphibious. It has already been tested to run efficiently on both land and water. In a recent interview with CNN, he notes as follows, “I tested the car and people were surprised how it could move on the land and sea.”

Kehinde added that he wanted the whole world to know that it was possible to have a kind of machine that can move on land, fly, and perhaps move under the sea, as well.

According to CNN, the longest distance the vehicle can travel is approximately 84 miles. The source notes that it’s able to reach speeds exceeding 70 mph.

Durojaiye has been a designer since his childhood. He has had his share of difficulties with the invention in the past. Nevertheless, he resolved not to stop until he achieves all his goals. Slowly and steadily, he’s pushing forward and believes he’ll make it all happen in his lifetime.

50 years into the future, perhaps we will be telling our kids that Kehinde Durojaiye, a Black genius, invented the first flying cars without external funding.

Africans have always been behind in the newest level of technology. Fortunately, the level of science and engineering has evolved, putting the African continent in the same wavelength with the developed economies of the Western world.

Thanks to globalization, Africans have been able to engage in the same calculations as whites in order to come up with incredible inventions. It’s funny how the world evolves.

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