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Excellent Step: Savannah James Offers Support to Akron High School Girls

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Savannah James has increased her group efforts in her hometown by launching the “Ladies of Our Future” mentorship program.

The program will present high school women in James’ hometown of Akron. It will act as an encouragement and assist in educational scholars.

Included in the new group are sixteen college students from Buchtel Group Studying Middle, the place James attended within the early years.

James indicated recently in a press launch that the need to start Ladies of Our Future program was informed by his understanding of the struggles and pressures that most of the young girls go through in the course of their high school years.

She needed to reassure them of her support all through the way. James further expressed her desire to empower and inspire the younger ladies considering that they will be the leaders of tomorrow. She was quite honored and excited to work with them.

By partnering with native ICARE Mentoring program, WOOF will succeed at encouraging, uplifting, and assisting younger Akron women by enrolling them on volunteer-based interventions.

The Superintendent of Akron Public Faculties expressed his gratitude to the James household for their involvement and assistance in their efforts aimed at helping and informing women.

Other than the Ladies of Our Future program, James had previously launched other philanthropic projects. For instance, in 2013, she started the iPromise Makeover that would on a yearly basis aim at encouraging more women to learn how to prepare promenade if they failed to register any success in other areas of their lives.

We applaud Savannah James’ ongoing efforts to support and guide girls. She has not only set an excellent example for the young women but has also served her community.

It is an incredible step engaging in a philanthropic role. If God blesses you with the material wealth, sharing it is the best alternative since you will empower a lot of people.

For James, it meant a lot to her since at the end of the day she helped set the right example for the kids that looked up to her for inspiration.

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