Debate about God’s Gender Arises after Ben Carson Gets Stuck in an Elevator

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In what seems like a movie come to real life, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson got trapped in an elevator on Wednesday while in an affordable housing complex.

The incident occurred while Carson was touring Courtside Family Apartments, which is located in an area of a low-income neighborhood in Miami.

The complex was developed by the former Miami Heat star who waited for Carson outside the elevator as firefighters rescued Carson and six others. Carson’s wife Candy was among the six trapped.

According to a reporter who was on the scene, the secretary was stuck in the elevator for about 20 minutes.

Ben Carson is a renowned retired neurosurgeon and a presidential candidate in the coming election. He once said he doesn’t have enough experience to be a member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

As expected, a bunch of Twitter users made fun of Carson who, according to some people, doesn’t come across as being too smart, despite being a renowned neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate.

There was one Twitter comment that turned into a spirited back-and-forth argument over what the proper pronoun is for God.

Deray Mckesson immediately tweeted that Carson’s dilemma is God speaking up on the matter. Many took issue with his use of the pronoun “she” rather than the biblical “he.”

Fans reacted with arguments for God’s femininity. Some tweeted that God’s gender was up to the individual believer.
Is God a male or a female? In answering the question, it is important to note that God did not appear in physical form anywhere in the Bible.

God is a concept that we understand as a Spirit and as such is an entity entirely devoid of form and shape.

Therefore, we must always have spiritual eyes to “see” God. We as human beings have difficulty attempting to fit an infinite concept into our finite minds. Therefore, the term “Him” is frequently used when referring to God.

God’s creation of humankind is different. God honors humanity by creating us in His image and likeness, male and female. He separated humanity into two sexes. That is male and female, and each is distinct and valuable. Both reflect the image and likeness of God.

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