Chance The Rapper’s Fans Want Him to Run for Chicago Mayor

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Recently, Chance the Rapper donated millions to prop up Chicago’s bankrupt public education system.

The philanthropic move has generated pressure from his fans to take one step further and challenge Rahm Emanuel in the 2019 mayoral race.

Fans have further developed a site, titled as the “#Chano4Mayor” launched early in the week. The website urges the black rapper, to enter the ring and take the political position. The artist has been at odds with Chicago city government over its lack of attention to Chicago Public Schools.

In the “About Us” segment, the site says, “Hey Chance, we love your music and have been following your career for the past few days. We think you’d be a great mayor. Besides, we love the work you’ve done to give back to the city that raised you.”

It continued, “You represent Chicago on the world stage, and you do us proud. We suppose that if you considering going for the seat, you would win and do a good job.”

The site has a list of things that the fans claim Mayor Emanuel has done wrong. They include the closure of public schools and mental health clinics, and failure to address the rampant civil rights violations by police.

Chance hasn’t commented yet on the issue, but if he does run, he will have a resistance. Emanuel is so desperate to control Chicago’s violence that he approached President Trump for assistance.

Chance’s father, Kenneth, was a top aide to Emmanuel when he first became mayor. It is surprising that he will be running against his dad’s former boss.

The creation of a new campaign urging the 23-year-old to run for mayor, then, isn’t something to take for granted since Chance the Rapper could be the mayor of Chicago.

He has consistently criticized Emanuel’s six-year tenure saying it led to the closure of the city’s health clinics, public schools, and a pattern of civil rights violations in the wake of murder.

Chance’s case is compelling since he is a philanthropist guy with a load of ideas. Chance is a veteran, and if he decides to join politics, we are sure his father would be proud.

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