“Buying Black”: African American Leaders Launch a Discount Card

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A new program has been launched with the idea of keeping the dollars within the community. The program’s primary objective is to allow the local communities buy products from the fellow black people.

African-American business owners who are the founder members says the program will encourage city residents to spend their dollars at black-owned businesses. The card comes with some discounts; therefore, the leaders are ascertained of the success of the venture.

The announcement of a new community effort to drive customers to African-American owned businesses throughout the city of Philadelphia occurred on Tuesday last week at City Hall.

Some of the city’s most prominent leaders who joined forces to ensure the success of the venture were music mogul Kenny Gamble and Enon Tabernacle among others within the Philadelphia Community.

The “iBuyBlackCard,” whose goal includes growing the black business will be sold $10 at iBuyBlack.org and in stores that link customers to Philadelphia’s Black-owned businesses. In the same time, it will provide a 15 percent discount to member businesses.

Owners of businesses praised the venture claiming that no customer would come out of our shop unhappy. In the field of Economics, even a small boost could have a ripple effect. The venture will indeed create more jobs and hence reduce the unemployment levels.

Organizers say proceeds from the sale of the cards will go to a community collaborative run by Philadelphia Community of Leaders (PCOL) which will use the money to create African American focused arts and cultural events.
PCLO stated that they had sold 1000 cards and hoped to sell 10,000 this year and 30,000 over three years.

Residents also supported the move claiming that it was the only way a black owned business was going to thrive through patronizing them.

Michael Rashid, PCOL Cultural Community said that on average, a dollar earned by a black worker stays in the black
community for only 6 hours compared to the white community where the dollars circulate for 17 days. The dollars leave the community very fast.

He further added that the project had nothing to do with racism. It was just a way of spending your money in your community which translates into helping your community grow, prosper, and thrive.

“The more customers we have, the more capacity we’re able to build. We can then have more people employed and be able to get them off the streets,” he concluded.

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