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Amazing Love Story of High School Sweethearts who wedded After 64 Years

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The love story of Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman has the kind of romantic appeal that attracts the attention of readers from all corners of the world.

The duo met in high school back in the 1950s and immediately started dating. The strength of their bond saw them attend prom together. However, their love came to an abrupt stop upon being admitted to different colleges.

Despite their advanced ages now, the two lovers share a love story whose description is considered the most surprising for audiences irrespective of their age.

The couple, now both at the prime age of 81, attended the same high school and kept their romantic relationship alive until senior year because of unavoidable circumstances.

With no hopes of ever reuniting later in life, the two tied the knot to different people with whom they started families and now had adult children.

The 64 years they spent apart seemed to have had little impact on their love life as they were able to reunite and marry one another.

Five years ago, Kevorkian became a widow following the death of her husband from a massive stroke. And in 2016, Bowman became a widower after his wife, an Alzheimer patient also succumbed to a stroke.

According to Harris, the granddaughter of one of the couples, Jim had access to Kevorkian’s address since he was in charge of organizing their high school reunion and so he took the initiative of writing her a letter, to which she promptly replied expressing her desire to reconnect.

The pair would consequently spend an hour every day talking on the phone and only gathered the courage to meet up in December.

After decades apart, Bowman drove down from his Illinois home to see Kevorkian at the Indiana retirement center where she resides.

Harris said that when Bowman came and saw Kevorkian, he said it felt like no time had passed and they had picked up where they left off.

Bowman then asked Kevorkian to marry him, and without hesitation, the grandma told him that it sounded a good idea.

The couple tied the knot on April 1 at Kevorkian’s retirement home with the theme of “two old fools.” The best part is just how happy they both are. They’re both talking about what they are going to do in the future.

Harris said that Bowman stepping into her family’s life was a good thing. After her grandfather had died, her grandmother wasn’t herself anymore. But Bowman changed that. She began having a more positive outlook and more cheerful than she used to be.

Harris had to keep the proposal a secret until her grandmother could announce it to her family on Christmas Eve.

The couple still has the same jokes that they had during their teenage life such as the love for dancing. The pair also reconnected with old friends from high school, who Kevorkian said were surprised to hear that the two were getting married.

Bowman’s daughter Julie went a step ahead to congratulate Kevorkian in a letter that said, “Thanks for helping my dad smile again.”

Kevorkian added that she was surprised by the attention her story has gained. She thought why anybody could be attracted to such a simple thing.

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