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Women Unite In Global Strike: The International Women Day

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By Susan Johnes

The international women day is a worldwide event marked yearly to celebrate the political and social milestone for females. In this same day, women unite through organizations, corporations, and charities to call for universal gender equality. In short, this day reflects the advocacy of women who take into account the gender parity in the world.

This year’s event occurred on 8th March 2017. The theme was “Be bold for change.” The women required equality in both formal and informal sectors with the current ratio of the labor force being 76% for men against 24% for ladies.

For sustainable development in the world, it is vital to achieving gender equality in several spheres of occupations and social protection since innovation has changed the work environment and thus increased the mobility.

Therefore, women should get empowered by ensuring that they equally earn a similar amount to men. We are aware that women engage in a lot of unpaid work such as cleaning, cooking, and cleaning and the long run affects the functionality of the economy.

What are the basic guidelines for the event?

Both paid and unpaid labor women take a day off. Women show solidarity on this day regardless of their professions, and they join their counterparts in the streets. Some companies and organizations take an extra mile to close their doors.

Women avoid shopping on that day. That covers all businesses regardless of the size. Interestingly, men place themselves in women’s shoes on that day. They go out shopping and even decide which commodities to buy for the children.

Most importantly, women dress in red. The red color is a symbolism showing a day without a woman is a miserable day.

How is the event celebrated across the world?

A majority of the countries give their citizens a day off. Thus women organizations meet in an open place such as the stadium where they reflect their actions, moves and the inequalities they face in the society. Additionally, men can offer their wives with flowers or gifts.

Top facts about the day

In 1917, the day was declared a national holiday by the Soviet Union. In 1977 and 1996, the UN decided to sign a theme which has since recurred in the consecutive years.

The first Woman International Day was held on March 8th, 1914 on Sunday when a majority of women were off and thus showed solidarity by marching on the streets. The same date has maintained until the present.

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