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By: Susan Jones

Whoopi Goldberg is the only black actor to win an Emmy Award, Grammy Award, an Oscar and Tony Award. She had defended the position for consecutive years not until 2017 when Viola Davis won an award in the Oscars as the best-supporting actress. However, Whoopi’s 2002 Oscar status hasn’t disappeared. Her humbling background traces 61 years back.

The multi-talented star was born in 1955, New York City. She changed her name from Caryn Elaine Johnson to Whoopi Goldberg arguing that the name was too boring. At her late teenage, she dropped out of school due to dyslexia illness. Her transfer to California, in the year 1974 gave her a breakthrough. She made the first public limelight in the year 1983 when she starred in “One Woman Production.” Her prominent role in the film made her receive the first award, Grammy Award for the best comedy recording.

Further, she invested her entire strength and dedication to acting. In the same year, Whoopi featured in the film “The Color Purple” which further accelerated her success in the acting career. Six years down that is 1991, she featured in the movie “Ghost,” making her earn an Academy Award because of her spectacular performance.

She has won two Emmy Awards. “Beyond Tara, the Extra Ordinary Life of Hattie” in the year 2002 and “The View” in 2009 respectively. Moreover, she won a Tony Award in 2002.

Born and raised in New York, Whoopi has been in the lead for her well-known humanitarian efforts. Besides being an actress and comedian, Whoopi is a Human Rights Advocate.

Whoopi has dreadlocks as her trademark. The African-American woman has featured in several Hollywood movies. In the year 1992, Whoopi launched her television talk show. The show hosted several celebrities with its 200 episodes and five seasons.

In the year 2007, Whoopi became the moderator of “The View” hosting a football star Michael Vick. With his human rights advocates, he defended the football star for his dogfighting case. She became the director of the 2013 documentary about Moms Mabley, which explores the life and career of the first African-American woman.

In the year 2015, she authored a book about relationship advice to both children and adults, “If someone says, you complete me! Run.” Her latest achievements came in the year 2016 when she launched a medical marijuana business to help women with menstrual issues.

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