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Tips for Happy and Healthy Living

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By Susan Johnes

We are aware of the general rules of a healthier life include keeping physical activeness and healthy eating habit. What separates us today from our predecessors are our demands for extraordinary results. We all want exceptional success today rather than tomorrow.

Make a brain dump your number one priority every morning. We are human beings, thus, disappointments are inevitable. The brian dump only requires two minutes before leaving for bed or heading off to work. After you remove the awkward things in your mind, you can get refreshed and ready to begin the present day.

Make a lot of friends and associate yourself with influential people. Friends provide a quick solution to your problems. As the old saying goes, “unity is strength,” and friends will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Create a vision for your life and focus on your priority. Each day when you wake up, spare a magical 10 minutes to evaluate your priorities in life. Know what you want and take a clear success path. Such event remains your secret tool towards your breakthrough in life.

Set deadlines and get accountable. Hard deadlines on your goals help you going through tough times. Accountability for your actions is the best thing in life since it limits you from excuses. Thus, you will maintain your track and gain brilliant breakthroughs in life.

Avoid sweets and chocolate consumption. You must understand that the high sugar content in the snacks can bring serious health complications. Therefore, consider using a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables that will supply natural vitamins to your body.

Limit your alcohol consumption to some standard level. There is a common myth that alcohol relieves stress. Not to mention, alcohol has some health benefits if taken in moderate levels. Consumption of one to two liters of alcohol per week isn’t bad since it helps to boost your libido and alertness. However, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to long-term health complications such as cancer and heart diseases. No one wishes to spend a lot of money on health treatments. Therefore, take care since prevention is better than a cure.

Have enough sleep each day. Medical specialists’ advise a minimum of six hours sleep. We are aware that sleep refreshes our minds and helps to keep us active during the day. Even though our busy lives might have eroded our night’s sleep, you can fix the situation and enjoy a healthy life.

Get active in physical activities. Develop a daily or a weekly routine of morning exercise. If you can’t visit a gym, fix your weekend plans to go hiking and rock climbing. Similarly, engage in mountain bike cycling. Such activities keep you active and maintain a healthy weight. They also reduce your frequency of visiting the hospital.

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