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By: Susan Johnes

Women require appreciation every time. Mostly, a woman needs someone who can show her affection, love, and make her feel significant in the society. However, men should be extra keen to know some traits that women incredibly seek. Men should up their hunt game and reverse the situation, gaining scores of hot girls.


Confidence is the number one factor that naturally attracts women to men. Ideally, women feel insecure than men. Obviously, they would admire men who are confidence and able to fulfill their uncertain environment. If you are a man, don’t show fear in the presence of a large crowd. Have more charge of your unnecessary fear because it will impact positively on your life and make you more attractive to women.

Physical appearance

Physical appearance implies that you should be looking fit and well. A man should not necessarily be a body builder but should have strong looks. Women pay close attention to your shoes and clothes thus preserving a comment. A woman categorizes you as a qualified partner for her offspring if you have the “right genes.” Trust me, sexy body plus beautiful language with deep voice greatly attracts women on your side. Your good looks give you an advantage over other guys. Therefore, be presentable and maintain a standard hygiene.


Being funny refers to the ability to show your intelligence to a woman usually with pass-time jokes. Humor involves different things which when combined gives a perfect attraction to women. As a man, convey plenty of emotions when seducing a lady. Be dramatic and maintain an action-comedian character. Show significant level of cruelty and abruptly turn the situation to be funny. Include teasing in your game and trust me, it will boost your attraction to ladies.

Careless attitude

Having a carefree attitude implies that you don’t care what others are saying about you or what they are doing behind your back. The casual attitude is attached to confidence thus your attraction level to ladies increases with this trait.

Pleasing personality

The standard of your knowledge, experiences, and ideas tells your character. Take advantage of interactive sessions, speak your mind, and dominate in the conversation to attract the attention of ladies present. Thus women will find you more attractive.

Higher social status

As expected, women are attracted to men with a higher social status. Therefore, be an ambitious man and invest for your future since the more status you will have, the more attractive you be considered.

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