“The Rock”: The Most Successful Actor

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By Susan Johnes

Being a superstar isn’t a joke. It traces a few decades ago to most celebrities. Dwayne Johnson isn’t an exception. The nicknamed “people’s champ” was born in 1972 to Afro-Canadian parents. Johnson was lucky enough since his father, the great “Soulman” Rocky Johnson, was a pro wrestling’s first African-American champ.

Besides, his grandfather, the late High Chief Peter Maivia, was known for his long hair and much of his body. Thus they instilled a real passion for the sport into the young Johnson who took a positive direction of learning the underlying methods behind wrestling.

Johnson attended Freedom High School where he got the first opportunity to excel as an athlete. He was involved in track, before later becoming a star of the local football team.

Such moves saw him awarded a full five-year scholarship to the University of Miami as a defensive lineman. Unfortunately, he developed an accidental knee injury which later made him take a different turn from his original plans. Thus he decided to concentrate on his academics making him graduate with a degree in criminology and physiology.

Determined to succeed, Johnson followed his dad’s footsteps as a professional wrestler. He realized that this was his true calling hence Johnson humbly headed home to rely on his family support. He begged his reluctant dad to teach him everything about wrestling.

Equipped with the basics, “The Rock” began in his career in 1996 when he signed with the World Wrestling Federation
under the name “Flex Kavana.”

Within just six months, he had won the prestigious Intercontinental Belt, the second most prestigious belt in the world. In 1997, Johnson joined The Nation of Domination and took over leadership thus renaming himself “The Rock.”

His popularity skyrocketed when he joined a band of elite wrestlers known as “The Corporation. The Rock has made history in some of the greatest matches in wrestling such as the Heavyweight title six times, and the WWF Tag Team championships five times.

The soft-spoken wrestler has remained humble in real life and prefers using his brains rather than his muscular body.

Between 2015 and 2016 Johnson earnings were $65 million in a year. The impressive gains made Forbes Magazine name him as the Highest Paid Actor on its annual list.

The actor has appeared in popular films like Moona and Fast & Furious. To date, Furious movies have grossed close to $3 billion worldwide, while San Andrea made almost $300 million. Dwayne Johnson had less when he first got to Hollywood with The People magazine saying he had $7 in his pockets.

Johnson’s competitiveness has been his driving force towards his success. His hard work and the desire for settling for nothing is what separate the actor from everyone else.

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